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Techaran Wallet helps you pay for different items all over Techaran safer, faster and easier. By using Wallet, you are taking the least time to place an order plus you will be able to monitor your money.

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Some of benefits you'll get using Techaran Wallet

Shop Faster Use Techaran Wallet to shop and place an order faster on Techaran Shopping.
Safety Using Wallet makes it more secure to transfer money online.
Cross Platform You can use Wallet on your phone through Techaran's app or on your desktop.
Enjoy Offers You might face some incredible offers if you use Wallet as your payment method.
Faster Delivery Express deliveries will be included if you pay with Techaran Wallet.
Any Currency Set your preferred currency to pay with whatever currency you like.

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Why everyone should use Techaran Wallet

No more credit cards

After you charged your wallet, You won't be needing any credit cards any more to shop.

Your Account, Your Money

Your money will be saved in your own wallet and no one else except you can access it.

We'll be there for you

Contact customer service at any time and ask for help or anything.

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